Feel like you’re so distracted by day-to-day details that you forget to focus on what’s most important?

Know that …

  • You’re not alone.
  • God has a special purpose and plan for you.
  • It’s OK to feel tired, overwhelmed, or unmotivated. You can move past that and focus on the important work God’s called you to do!

Author and blogger Hilary Bernstein believes you can find peace and purpose as you let your faith transform your life.

Even when you feel overwhelmed by everyday life, you still can fix your eyes on Jesus.

Even when it feels like busyness crowds out time with the Lord, your family, and your friends, you still can find creative ways to focus on relationships.

Let Hilary help you! She’s happy to encourage and guide you through her:

“Everything I’m struggling with has been in your blog. It’s amazing, to be quite honest!!

I just wanted to tell you that I totally feel like the Lord put you in my path for a reason. He’s using your words to remind me to seek Him. Thank you for your words, Hilary!”
Jessica T.
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“Hilary, you’re a Godsend again!

What a blessing and right on time that you share this word of encouragement with us! Last night I scrolled thru your website again … your website has become amazing for me.”
Katrina G.
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“Hilary, I needed this reminder to keep my eyes on God.

Such encouragement you are to so many women.”
Jill D.
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“Thank you for all the encouragement you give…

and thank you for the work you do to share what is important in life. ”
Lou Ann M.
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