7 Ways to Fit Housekeeping into Your Day

Struggling with figuring out when to do your housekeeping chores? Here are 7 ways to fit housekeeping into your day…

Have you ever wondered when you should get to your housekeeping chores?

You may have a pretty good idea of what you need to do to clean your home. But when you can possibly get it all done is another story all together.

Whether or not you plan on a weekly cleaning time or daily deep cleaning chores, housework still needs to get done every day. (Personally, I’m a huge fan of making sure I do three to four Non-Negotiable Daily Chores … and then catch up on deeper cleaning on Saturdays.)

Struggling with figuring out when to do your housekeeping chores? Here are 7 ways to fit housekeeping into your day...

But when do other homemakers do their housekeeping?

This fall, I asked my e-mail subscribers to share their daily routines with me. More than 60 of them did, and I’ve studied their responses to find how and when others manage their homes. In comparing all of their daily routines, I found 7 common housekeeping trends:

1. Most people tend to do some kind of work first thing in the morning.

Whether it involves making the bed, starting a load of laundry, or emptying a clean dishwasher while coffee is brewing, some homemakers do some kind of small chore around the house in the first hour of their day.

2. If you’re at home, work around the house happens throughout the day.

  • Retirees with much more free time have daily cleaning routines in place and certain days to clean certain things.
  • Stay-at-home moms with babies and toddlers tend to fit in housework around their children’s daily schedules.
  • Women who work from home and homeschooling moms fit in little chores (like switching over laundry) during lulls in their day.

Much of the homemaking done at this time involves running errands, starting supper preparation, laundry, picking up around the house, vacuuming and dishes.

Struggling with figuring out when to do your housekeeping chores? Here are 7 ways to fit housekeeping into your day...

3. If you leave your home to work, you’re (obviously) away at work all day long.

Daily housework for working women is typically essential chores, like dishes. Any substantial work around the home tend to happen on weekends, when you have extra time.

4. During the afternoon, the most common housework that gets done is wrapping up any projects.

This includes a quick pick-up around the house and dinner preparation.

5. Late afternoons are busy with transitions and meal prep.

Between 4 and 6 each day, the most common things people do are come home from work, pick kids up from school, help with homework, and prepare supper.

6. After dinner hours are ideal for clean-up and preparation.

After dinner, homemakers wash dishes (again!), prepare lunch – and possibly dinner – for the next day, get clothing ready for the next day, as well as anything for school or work.

7. Before bed chores help the next morning go smoothly.

Before bed, some homemakers choose to straighten up the kitchen one last time, put away laundry, or make sure the whole house is tidy. In doing these chores, they can wake up to a clean house.

Creating a way to manage your homemaking

As a homemaker, you may have a fantastic daily routine in place that helps you stay on top of your homemaking chores.

On the other hand, you may feel like you’re drowning in busyness and a lack of focus.

Or, you might be somewhere in the middle.

I think any homemaker has room to improve and make their homemaking a little more efficient and effective.

Struggling with figuring out when to get to your housekeeping chores? Here are 7 ways to fit housekeeping into your day ...

I also think the best way to figure this out is to get ideas from others. Ask friends about what they do. Ask mentors for advice.

In all of the answers and advice you get, you’ll be able to pick out some good ideas that might work for you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – and if it doesn’t work, scrap it. But if it does work, make it a regular part of your homemaking.

If you don’t have a network of friends or mentors to ask – or even if you do! – I highly recommend Homemaking Ministries’ online conference, Finding Balance in Your Home.

Even though I’m comfortable with my homemaking, I still look for ideas from others, and this conference is filled with wisdom and helpful hints.

Available for instant download anytime, 17 women (including me!) talk about 19 much-needed homemaking topics. I’ve covered Balance in Housekeeping, and I share what has worked (and what hasn’t worked!) in my own home.

If you could use some balance in your own home, this conference is filled with helpful hints you can put into practice TODAY.

When do you fit homemaking into your day?

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