Life is hard. Between hearing about current events that threaten to overwhelm and dealing with the busy demands of everyday life, it’s normal to wonder if your faith is strong enough to make it through the storms of life. 

If that’s not enough to sort through, you feel a constant pull for perfection. If you only try harder or hustle a little bit more, you might finally juggle everything in life. Maybe your house will be perfect. Or your marriage. Or your relationship with your kids. Or your job. Or your walk with Christ.

The thing is, it’s not like you need to do more. You don’t need to work harder to check off all the tasks on your ultimate to-do list. 

I believe that when you let go of trying so hard to navigate this imperfect life on your own and choose to trust the Lord, you will experience peace and purpose. You’ll encounter joy and contentment that you could never find on your own.

What readers are saying …

“You are a shining light! You are genuine. You follow in Christ’s steps. Thank you for lifting me up and giving me some encouragement at a time of uncertainty.”

Tish M.

“Thank you so much for a Bible-based gospel presentation and your biblical, practical encouragement. My biggest frustration with homemaking is constantly hearing, ‘It’s okay that you don’t have it all together; I don’t either.’ And then the conversation ends. I guess it’s nice to be briefly reminded that we all struggle, but . . . what next? ;) I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your hopefulness and encouragement and answering, ‘What next?’You tell me progress can be made even in a few minutes. Something can be done!”

Meredith S.

“You are always a right-on-time-blessing!! I can’t even begin to explain how needed this message is for me TODAY. Rough marriage day but I remain at peace and God sent this as a reminder to tell me that’s He’s not finished yet.”

Katrina G.

“Thank you for what you do! You keep encouraging, instructing, prodding and I just wanted to pop in and say thanks! You’ve been a blessing to me through your writing.”

Barb R.


  • Imagine how your faith in Christ could transform your life as you trust Him, follow Him, and learn about Him more and more, even if His purpose for you looks different than what you might picture.
  • Imagine what your marriage could look like if you traded perfect expectations for a happy reality based on love and respect.
  • Imagine what your relationship with your children could look like if you relaxed your perfect ideals and treated them as gifts the Lord has entrusted to you.
  • Imagine what your home might feel like if you created a haven that brought contentment.

If you keep waiting for things to be perfect, you’ll miss out on life. But when you join Hilary Bernstein’s online community, you’ll be encouraged and equipped to live your imperfect life with peace and purpose.

Hi there! I’m Hilary Bernstein.

For years, I felt like I needed to be perfect – in my Christian faith, for my family, and in my home. If my attempts weren’t perfect, good enough could never be good. 

Yet when I finally realized that outside of Heaven, nothing in this world is perfect, I finally found satisfaction and contentment in an imperfect life. I had to trust that Christ’s grace and mercy was sufficient because my own was clearly not enough.

Now I’m living a transformed life. I can trust Christ like I never have before and rest in His peace and purpose for my life. In the process He never stops amazing me with what He can and does do. 

I know you don’t have to be perfect to experience God’s peace, or His special purpose and plan for you, because I’ve lived this reality.

Encouraging and equipping YOU

I write books, create blogs, lead my church’s women’s ministry … and through it all, I love to encourage women of all ages, both in print and in person.

Through my writing, I want to help you get past your quest for a perfect life and a perfect home and help you experience God’s peace and His special purpose for you.

If and when you ever meet me in real life, you’ll quickly find out I like listening to other people and figuring out ways I can help in a Titus 2 sort of way. But since you’re meeting me online at the moment, know that I’m happy to offer advice when it comes to:

Where you can find my writing …

I’ve enjoyed reading books and writing since I was in kindergarten, so I majored in journalism in college. When I graduated, I worked as a magazine writer and newspaper editor for a decade before becoming a blogger

After blogging for ten years, I’ve been thrilled to write ten devotional books for women, teens, and girls with Barbour Publishing. I’m honored to be represented by Barbara Roose with Books & Such Literary Agency.

I still appreciate blogging, though, and especially adore my email subscribers. When you sign up for my subscriber community, I’ll email you quick, encouraging messages once a week that will help you navigate the messiness of life … and your home. (Admit it … every home gets messy!)

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What email subscribers are saying …

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much your emails mean to me. I relate to every post and find conviction in many things you write. My home is becoming more of a haven for my family because of your practical advice and suggestions. You are constantly looking at the Word and listening to the Holy Spirit, and through your obedience, many are blessed. All I can say is thank you.”

Stacey C.

“I love your emails so very much! They help A TON and are super uplifting. There is so much thought and care put in from each one of your emails it’s amazing! Thank you for being you and all that you do! You’re making a difference and having a great impact on many.”

Lindsey R.

“Thank you for being a blessing to me. Even though I don’t always have the time to read all of your emails, I appreciate them and you. I’d love someday to meet and fellowship with you in person.  So glad I found your site!”

Sarah B.