You long to come home to a haven.

But so much seems to get in your way.

It’s hard enough to fit homemaking in when your busy days speed by in a blur.

And it’s even harder to stop and figure out how to create a haven.

Quite frankly, it can feel impossible to care for your home and attempt to feather your nest while you’re living life.

But that’s exactly why Home to a Haven was created … to encourage and equip you to transform your home into a haven. Even in the busiest seasons of your life.

What readers are saying …

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much your blog means to me. I relate to every post and find conviction in many things you write. My home is becoming more of a haven for my family because of your practical advice and suggestions. You are constantly looking at the Word and listening to the Holy Spirit, and through your obedience, many are blessed. All I can say is thank you!” – Stacey

“I have to say, I cruise home decor and home improvement blogs always looking for ideas, and yours really caught my eye and my heart. I thought, “I am staying with THIS lady!!” I even told my husband all about it. It is so nice to read about homemaking from a Christian point of view!  Your blog is SO needed and is the best attitude corrector I have seen! Thank you for making a blog for real people with real homes, real income issues.” – Kerry

“You are a shining light! You are genuine. You follow in Christ’s steps. Thank you for lifting me up and giving me some encouragement at a time of uncertainty.” – Tish

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Imagine …

Imagine feeling satisfied as you walk in your front door.

You’ve spent your busy day out and about, but you can hardly wait to get home because you know an oasis awaits you. And not just any oasis … but one you absolutely adore, because it’s filled with your favorite things.

Your home is exactly where you want to be.

When you become a member of the Home to a Haven community, you’ll be encouraged and equipped to transform your home into a haven.

Hi there! I’m Hilary Bernstein.

Years before I had a family of my own, I wanted to spend time with friends and family in my home and bless them with whatever modest space I was living in

So I studied how to create a welcoming home and tried plenty of ideas along the way. Not everything worked … there were plenty of mishaps in the kitchen as I taught myself to cook! You’d better believe the learning curve was steep as I figured out the best ways to clean my home.

Yet my desire to create a haven when I was single paled in comparison to when I finally became a wife and a mom. Creating a haven that would nurture my husband and children became a huge priority.

The good news was it didn’t matter where my family lived or how much (or how little) we had. A bunch of material possessions didn’t create a peaceful home. Like it or not, my attitude did.

With a home full of people, I quickly discovered that I set the tone for the home. (Sound familiar in your own home?) 

If I lost my temper easily or chose to be critical, my bad attitude rubbed off on my husband and kids. If I was discontent with our home – and let everyone know it – our home was not the welcoming haven of my dreams.

But if and when I walked closely with the Lord, it showed in the way I treated my family. If and when I invested in our relationships, our bonds grew closer and sweeter. And if and when I chose to be content with wherever we lived and worked with what we owned to make it a comfortable home, it became a refreshing place to live.

Today, my home has become a haven that’s peaceful and restful for both me and my family.

Bernstein family

Encouraging and equipping YOU

Through my writing, I want to help encourage you as you start your quest to create a haven.

I write books, create blogs, lead my church’s women’s ministry … and through it all, I love to encourage women of all ages, both in print and in person.

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Where you can find my writing …

I’ve enjoyed reading books and writing since I was in kindergarten, so I majored in journalism in college. When I graduated, I worked as a magazine writer and newspaper editor for a decade before becoming a blogger

After blogging for thirteen years, I’ve been thrilled to write twelve devotional books for women, teens, and girls with Barbour Publishing. I’m honored to be represented by Barbara Roose with Books & Such Literary Management:

Barb Roose and Hilary Bernstein

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What email subscribers are saying …

“I love your emails so very much! They help A TON and are super uplifting. There is so much thought and care put in from each one of your emails it’s amazing! Thank you for being you and all that you do! You’re making a difference and having a great impact on many.” – Lindsey

“You are always a right-on-time-blessing!! I can’t even begin to explain how needed this message is for me TODAY. Rough marriage day but I remain at peace and God sent this as a reminder to tell me that’s He’s not finished yet.” – Katrina

“Thank you for being a blessing to me. Even though I don’t always have the time to read all of your emails, I appreciate them and you. I’d love someday to meet and fellowship with you in person.  So glad I found your site!” – Sarah

“Thank you for what you do! You keep encouraging, instructing, and I just wanted to pop in and say thanks! You’ve been a blessing to me through your writing.”  – Barb