5 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Couple’s Haven

Create a special place just for you and your spouse … transform your bedroom into a couple’s haven.

Have you been wishing for a place to get away and recharge, or a space that’s just for you?

Your bedroom is perfect.

And if you’re married, your bedroom is the best spot to set apart just for you and your spouse. No matter how many other people are living in your home, your bedroom is a good place for the two of you to escape and retreat.

Your bedroom is an ideal place where you can relax together, shut the door and talk, snuggle, and enjoy sex. When you invest a little time, energy, and money into this room, and you’re investing in your marriage.

Create a special place just for you and your spouse ... transform your bedroom into a couple's haven.

Creating a couple’s haven

But in many homes, bedrooms often are overlooked, simply because they’re not public places. After all, it’s not very likely you’ll parade your company through your bedroom when they come over for a dinner party.

In fact, it’s probably more likely that if you’re preparing for a dinner party, you’ll use your bedroom to store any clutter or belongings when you can’t take time to put it all away. All that mess can be easily hidden once your door’s shut. When you’re short on time and need to get another area of your home ready for visitors, your bedroom’s probably the last room on your cleaning or decorating radar.

But even if many people don’t actually see your bedroom, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. You see it! And if you’re married, your husband does, too.

Instead of piling it with baskets of clean (or dirty) laundry, or keeping the walls bare and dresser tops piled with papers, take a little bit of time and thought to transform this space. 

Believe it or not, your bedroom can be one of the best spaces in your home to create a haven.

When your bedroom is NOT a haven …

I know the frustration of having a bedroom that doesn’t fill your life with peace. In fact, I know what it’s like to have a bedroom that seems to rob you of your peace, instead.

When my family moved into a cozy bungalow a few years ago, so many of the rooms in our home were filled with charm. The master bedroom, though? My husband and I didn’t take the time to do anything with the space, except to quickly arrange furniture and unpack our clothing. 

The rest of the room was pretty bare, except for plantation blinds on the windows and the clutter of random paperwork and socks that needed matched. 

I’m embarrassed to admit our room stayed that way for two-and-a-half YEARS.

And what happened in that time? Both my husband and I suffered from a lack of rest. Nearly every night I woke up several times, feeling uneasy in that space.

But finally, as a great birthday gift this past year, my husband remodeled our bedroom: 

  • I chose a pretty, pale peach for the wall color and he painted our room.
  • We added curtain rods and faux silk blackout curtains.
  • We hung beachy artwork to remind us of our favorite place.
  • I picked a new, cozy comforter for our bed.
  • Finally, we cleaned off everything unnecessary from our dressers and nightstands.

The result was a romantic, restful haven where my husband and I both look forward to retreating. And the bonus? Every single night since our room redo, I’ve slept peacefully!

Create a special place just for you and your spouse ... transform your bedroom into a couple's haven.

You may want to turn your bedroom into a couple’s haven … but how exactly do you do it?

The good news is that turning your master bedroom into a couple’s haven doesn’t necessarily cost much money at all. With a little bit of creativity and effort, here are 5 ways to turn your bedroom into a haven:

1. Have a decorating plan.

You don’t need extensive or elaborate ideas, but definitely have some kind of plan besides a catch-all room.

Scour Pinterest for ideas, but for starters you can pick one or two colors to work with. Add some wall art and choose a complimentary bed covering.

While you’re decorating your room, make sure you want to spend time there. Don’t get stuck in the habit of using all the decorating leftovers you have from the rest of your home – actually try to furnish with elements that will turn this room into a retreat.

And use lighting to your advantage – battery-powered candles are a great way to add safe mood lighting. (Falling asleep with lit candles may be romantic, but it’s not safe.) You may not use this mood lighting every day, but they can add a romantic touch when the moment’s right.

2. Use your bedroom as a place to celebrate your marriage.

Of any room, your bedroom’s a great place to display your favorite photos of you and your spouse – celebrate your marriage in this room, even with your photos or decorations.

I’ve heard the master bedroom is a place to shut out the rest of the world. So instead of plastering the walls or top of your dresser with pictures of your children or other family members, try to just stick to you and your husband. Display photos of when you were dating. Decorate with memorabilia that’s special to just the two of you.

In my own bedroom, my husband and I have some of the souvenirs and photos from our honeymoon. While they could decorate other rooms in our home, they’re special just to us because we remember buying them together when we were newlyweds. They’re a happy reminder of the beginning of our marriage.

Create a special place just for you and your spouse ... transform your bedroom into a couple's haven.

3. Make an effort.

Since you may not spend much time awake in your bedroom, it might be tempting to use it as a dumping spot, where you toss important papers that need filed or laundry that needs put away.

Spend time cleaning this room, though. Get the clutter off your nightstands. Dust hard surfaces, since you’re breathing the air in all night long. (Here are 7 simple ways to clean your bedroom.)

As much as possible, try to keep your bedroom a clutter-free zone, since it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Trust me – it’s better when you can walk in or out of bed in the dark without trying to have to navigate around piles of stuff.

4. Limit distractions.

Just like you’re getting rid of physical clutter in your bedroom, also get rid of anything that would add to your mental clutter, as well.

While some people like watching TV in bed, I’m a huge advocate of keeping televisions out of the bedroom to keep the focus on relationships.

In my home, my husband and I use our master bedroom for sleeping, snuggling, and sex. By using the rest of our house for the rest of life, it sets apart our master bedroom for the most intimate parts of marriage.

It’s become a wonderful place for my husband and I to talk with each other, dream together, and connect. It’s our own private retreat.

5. Think of your bedroom as a haven.

When you and your husband think of your bedroom as a haven, it will become one. Use it as your own getaway – when you’re both home from work, go to your room to discuss your day. (This is especially helpful if you have children and the rest of the house is noisy or cluttered.)

As you both use this space as a place to invest in each other and your marriage, you’ll long for your times spent there.

One of my older, wiser friends shared that she and her husband used their bedroom for Friday night dates when their children were young and they couldn’t afford babysitters. They’d entertain their kiddos with a video and then escape to their bedroom with a board game or books. They’d relax on their bed and reconnect with a free date night.

As you and your husband consider your bedroom a haven, you’ll care for it like it’s one.

Create a special place just for you and your spouse ... transform your bedroom into a couple's haven.

As you have a decorating plan (and use it), use your bedroom as a place to celebrate your marriage, make an effort in transforming your room, knowingly limit any distractions, and actually think of your bedroom as a haven, you’ll transform your bedroom into a haven where you and your husband can rest, recharge, and enjoy each other.

In what ways have you transformed your bedroom into a haven?

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  1. It’s hard form e to create a haven in our bedroom when my husband makes no effort to contribute to it. He’s never waits for me to get into the bed, he’s always in first and immediately on his phone. I’ve talked to him about this SO many times over the last 4 years but still he makes no effort. It’s to the point now where I dread going to bed and most nights. I feel like it’s my fault, because he’s always been like this and I should know that he will never change for me. Do you have any advice for that?

  2. Hey beautiful I have just stumbled across your reply, sometimes talk doesn’t work but persistent prayer does, tell God about how you feel if this is still happening, I read a book called the power of a praying wife. It will help you actively pray into the areas your band needs help in and also teach you how to trust in Him. Don’t fight your husband but fight the enemy seeking to divide you EG spirit of division I bind you in the name of Jesus and declare the love of God to prevail in my home worth my husband. Your husband has a heart issue that only God can change because he believes that’s how he is but God can change that and while your pursuing in the background, love on your husband, serve him as you do or better. Compliment him, watch what he watches, every man loves affection and interest. All of the best

  3. I highly recommend the Love and Respect book based on spiritual faith and science. May God bless you and your home Rae!

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