You know what you need to do around your home. You’ve created routines on paper. You even write down well-intentioned to-do lists.

But getting around to doing anything? THAT is the problem.

And while your plans remain plans, the mess and dust and chaos in your home grows and grows, leaving you even more unmotivated to get to work.

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Even if you have a good idea what you should do to keep up your home, mustering up enough motivation to actually do it is the issue.

But imagine if you knew what tricks other homemakers use to feel motivated to get working around the house.

Imagine if you tried their tricks and discovered what truly motivates you to care for your home.

Imagine if you actually felt motivated to clean your home.

Your lack of motivation isn’t your fault. In fact, most people don’t feel motivated to take care of their homes day after day.

What you need is a plan that will help give you a boost of motivation on even your most unmotivated days.

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Get Motivated!

Wondering how you’ll ever feel spurred on to do basic housework? Finding the motivation to care for your home is your missing puzzle piece.

Motivated: Caring for Your Home When You Don’t Feel Like It, is an eBook explaining 16 different approaches that motivate homemakers.

Using Motivated, you can understand the science behind motivation, then use the 16 suggested motivational tricks that work for other homemakers. Once you start trying the different methods, you’ll quickly discover what doesn’t motivate you – and what does.

“I purchased your book, Motivated: Caring for Your Home when You Don’t Feel Like ItIn just the first 3 chapters I have already gotten my money’s worth! Thank you so much for reminding me that I am a steward of my home, and my biggest reason to care for it is to glorify our Father in heaven!” — Julia

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Meet Hilary Bernstein, author of Motivated

Hilary BernsteinHilary Bernstein is a wife and mom with more than 20 years experience caring for her home and creating a haven. She’s committed to helping homemakers just like you manage their families and homes well by providing you everything you need for a peaceful home.

She knows motivation (or a lack of it!) can stand in the way of that peace. That’s exactly why she wrote Motivated. By interviewing her readers and trying out different approaches to motivation in her own home, she’s tried all 16 tricks. And she’s excited to help you find motivated to care for your home … and transform it into a haven.

What’s Inside Motivated

When you buy Motivated: Caring for Your Home When You Don’t Feel Like It, you’ll automatically receive:

  • A digital download (PDF) of Motivated, a 19-chapter eBook.
  • 3 printable guides that will help you find the motivation to care for your home.

You know you need some motivation to get you to take care of your home.

Motivated is the resource that will help you. Grab your copy of Motivated now for 4.95!


What happens after I purchase Motivated?

You’ll promptly receive an e-mail with an instant downloadable PDF of the eBook, Motivated, as well as 3 printable guides to walk you through the process to find your motivation.

How do I make Motivated work for me?

Once you read Motivated, you’ll get to decide whether you want to try all 16 approaches in your home – one at a time – or if you’d rather focus on the approaches that seem like they would work best for your personality.

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Three months from now, you’ll either know what motivates you – and see the difference that motivation makes in your home! – or you’ll still be stuck wondering how in the world you’ll ever get motivated to take care of your home. Which one will you choose?