You wish you knew  how to manage your life.

Juggling your home and family and a career? It feels virtually impossible to simply try fitting everything in on your own, let alone succeed at doing it.

You’ve tried and tried (and tried and tried!) ways to make life easier. You’ve adopted routines and Googled simpler solutions. But nothing seems to be a workable long-term answer. And everything you do try seems so shallow.

You wish an older, wiser woman would share secrets of her success. You wish you could get some inspiration from someone who has been there and done that … and done that really well.

Want to hear something pretty amazing? One older, wiser woman has been there and done that. She’s succeeded in loving her family, managing her home, and thriving in her business. And someone else shared her secrets in the Bible.

The great news is that even though she lived thousands of years ago, the secrets to her success still apply today. And by studying about this woman’s life in Proverbs 31, you can learn how to effectively manage life.

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  • Imagine knowing you’re on the way to become an excellent wife. Not just a mediocre wife. Or even a pretty good one. But an excellent wife.
  • Imagine you know how to willingly and efficiently work around your home.
  • Imagine not only caring for your family’s needs, but also taking time to help the needy.
  • Imagine getting to use your talents in a way that helps your family.
  • Imagine a life free from worry.

These wishes can become your reality with the help of Hilary Bernstein’s book, Becoming a Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman.

About the Author

Hilary Bernstein

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find examples of women who glorify God with their lives. Hilary Bernstein knows, because she’s been looking for worthy women for years.

The Proverbs 31 woman is an excellent – and thorough! – biblical example. Instead of only wondering what homemakers, wives and mothers could or should do, this passage of Scripture details it for us.

(If you feel like you can’t possibly do all she did, take a deep breath. She didn’t do it all at once – or all by herself. Figure out what is necessary right now in your current season of life, and concentrate on that.)

Hilary loves her example so much that she examined the description of her life, verse by verse, and wrote a book about it.

When she’s not studying Proverbs 31, Hilary leads women’s Bible studies at her church in Ohio, writes devotional books for Barbour Publishing, and blogs at Home To a Haven.

What to expect …

Wondering what you’ll find in Becoming a Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman?

In 16 chapters, you’ll dig into the Proverbs 31 woman’s exemplary life through reading and deep questions designed to help you learn how to manage your home and care for your family in a biblical way

Becoming a Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman

Through this book, you’ll not only figure out how to make the most of the busyness of life, but you’ll also learn ways to create a haven through your home and relationships.

Becoming a Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman is available for instant download as a PDF for $4.95.

Buy a copy of Becoming a Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman today!

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