Change Your Home for the Better by Inviting the Lord

In a world of minimalism, what can you add to change your home for the better? And what is the most important thing to add?

So often in our current culture, minimalism and purging are encouraged as ways to improve your home. If you own less, you have less to manage and maintain.

Logically, minimalism makes a lot of sense. By routinely purging my home, I do have a lot less to care for. Plus, purging helps me get rid of what I truly don’t need.

However, less isn’t always more. Sometimes more is more. And in the case of our homes, I think many of us are missing out on key pieces that will add so much more meaning, peace, and contentment to our homes.

In a world of minimalism, what can you add to change your home for the better? And what is the most important thing to add?

What Kind of Things Will We Add??

Throughout the next month, I’d love to explore 31 things each of us can add to our homes to truly turn them into havens.

Coming home to a home where you want to spend your time is a beautiful thing. Depending on your life circumstances, this may not always be possible. But if we could take some time to add what can make an enormous difference, let’s do it!

Because our homes are so much more than brick and mortar and our belongings, the 31 additions to our homes will be a mix of actual possessions and attitudes and practices.

Today’s addition is the most important one of all …

Adding the Lord to Your Home

If we’re going to add 31 different things to our homes as a way to improve them, it makes the most logical sense to begin with what’s most important.

And that most important addition is, without a doubt, the Lord.

You may wonder how you can add something or Someone like the Lord of the universe to your home. After all, because He is the God who sees and the God who hears and the all-powerful, all-knowing Lord of all creation, isn’t He already a part of your house?

Yes, He sees you and your home. Yes, He hears your every word and thought when you’re in your home and when you’re away. But just like you need to invite Him to be part of your life (He won’t barge right in and be your Lord and Savior unless you ask Him), you also need to ask Him to be part of your home.

When Should You Invite the Lord?

If you’re moving into a home that’s new to you, it’s the perfect time to ask for His blessing and protection. You can ask Him to use your space to bring glory to His name. But even if you’ve been living in your home for years, it’s not too late to do this.

If and when catastrophe strikes your home, ask Him to help. Ask for His mercy. Ask Him to do the impossible in what seems like an impossible situation.

Over the pandemic, my husband and I were brought to our knees on several occasions when first our hot water tank exploded and flooded our entire finished basement. Weeks later, a tornado ripped through our neighborhood, seriously damaging our roof. By the grace of God, the Lord provided more than we ever could have imagined through our homeowners’ insurance.

Aside from moving days or serious disaster, you can ask the Lord to be part of your home every single day. Just like you can ask Him to fill you with His Spirit each day, ask Him to be part of your home, too.

If you’re facing relationship issues with someone else in your house, ask Him for help. Ask for His guidance and the right words.

As you’re waiting for guests to arrive, pray for your conversation and time together, that you might bless your visitors in a very real way.

Whenever you notice something that seems to be beyond your control — whether you don’t know how you’ll find time to do all the laundry, or it sounds like your refrigerator could break down at any moment — bring all your concerns and requests to the Lord.

As you invite the Lord into all the situations you face, you add the most important piece (and peace) to your home. That truly is the most powerful way to change your home.

How have you personally watched the Lord work in your own home?


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