How to Keep Up With Your Home When You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

Ever wonder how you can keep up with your home when you don’t feel like cleaning?

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like cleaning.

Depending on how much cleanliness matters to you, you may never feel like cleaning.

But cleaning still must be done, even if it’s considered a necessary evil. Homemakers clean so we don’t live in squalor.

I like a clean house. And my husband likes a clean house. A clean home makes both of us feel like we’re living in a haven.

But sometimes I just don’t feel like cleaning.

I’d rather get on with the rest of life and let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink and the dust bunnies grow to monstrous sizes.

Ever wonder how you can keep up with your home when you don't feel like cleaning?

Wintertime always is particularly challenging – when I see gray skies outside, feel chilly, and deal with sick children, the last thing I want to do is clean. If I’m completely honest with myself, I have a hard time finding the motivation to do much of anything.

When I get in  moods where I do let the dishes and dust bunnies pile, I’m faced with the same issue every single time: I still have to do the work.

And since I procrastinated, I have even more to do.

How to clean when you don’t feel like it

Unless you have a maid – or cleaning lady – you’ll need to do the work yourself, like it or not.

When this happens, the most obvious solution to a lack of cleaning motivation is to do it anyway.

Ever wonder how you can keep a home when you don't feel like cleaning?

Even when you don’t feel like it, do something.

It may be the minimum – like washing and drying one load of laundry when you have seven that need done.

You may feel like cleaning out one drawer only makes the tiniest dent in a disastrous room, but do that tiny bit of work anyway. Then get back to doing whatever non-cleaning fun you were having.

Once you’ve done a little bit of work, keep doing a little bit of work every single day. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and clean as quickly as you can – when the timer goes off, you’re done with your housework and can return to whatever unmotivated thing you were doing.

Keep up your short bursts of cleaning as long as you don’t feel motivated.

But on other days when you do feel energetic and want to get cleaning, do it. Take full advantage of your different attitude and perspective, and clean as much as you can.

When your attention and desire wane again – and it will – go back to your short, timed cleaning sessions.

Ever wonder how you can keep a home when you don't feel like cleaning?

Using your cleaning method throughout life

You’ll find that the short bursts of work can help a lot in different areas of life – whether you’re feeling like you’re in a slump at work, or you just don’t want to do a certain task.

Take a deep breath, set a timer, and dig right in.

Work hard until your timer goes off … and then enjoy your success. Don’t focus on the tasks that are left – celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

Creating a strategy

Sometimes, even with short cleaning spurts, you need to create a long-term strategy for your home. This kind of cleaning strategy can help you figure out how to care for your home on your own terms. (And it can center around your lack of energy or cleaning initiative.)

As you create a workable strategy to handle your entire home and break up your bigger jobs into smaller, manageable tasks that can be timed, you can conquer your work around the house – even when you don’t feel like cleaning.

Ever wonder how you can keep up with your home when you don't feel like cleaning?

How do YOU manage to care for your home even when you don’t feel like cleaning?

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  1. Good suggestion! I find that I have too many days like this! Thankfully, today and yesterday weren’t! Our laundry is almost done.

    1. I like these suggestions. I am recovering from breast cancer and mastectomy, so it’s been so really hard to find that determination and motivation lately. And the gray cold winter spring were not helping. It’s sunny today and I’m ready to do what I can. I will try the timer. I think I read in one of my recovery things I should rest for the same amount of time I exert myself! Good luck to everyone;)

      1. I too had breast cancer and mastectomy – – in 1973. That makes me a 45 year survivor! Take care of yourself and don’t mind the dust bunnies.

  2. Usually on the weekends when I am overloaded with a messy house (toys and clothes everywhere) I call a family 10 minute tidy where everything gets turned off and everyone cleans for 10 minutes. It’s amazing having them help for only 10 minutes a week. The 4 year old usually gets side tracked but just having my husband and 7 year old helps me out so much!!!
    Giving my 7 year old a chore list has really helped too! He’s been carrying his dirty clothes basket down to the basement and helping so much more!
    The hardest part about summer is my house. Our new house has a pool and the last place I want to be in summer is inside cleaning. I feel like my house is a wreck all summer because I am outside so much!

    1. I have a 4 and 7 yr old as well. My 4 yr old is an excellent helper and even ask for “jobs”. I have found that the key is to break the tasks down and direct them. If I hand her a few items of her clothing already on hangers, I can say “hang these up in your closet”. Or I can say pick up all the crayons or pick up all the dolls and put them in this bin. Too many directives at once or saying “clean up the play room” and I might as well forget it because they get overwhelmed and nothing gets done.

  3. What about tips for a pregnant SAHM of a 4 yr old? My house has been a disaster for months now. My husband works nights so I try not to ask him to do too much around the house because that’s my area & feel guilty. Thinking of hiring a friend to do some cleaning but I am so embarrassed for her to see how bad my house has gotten & we don’t really have the money to do that anyway. Just feeling depressed about my lack of energy & the messiness. ????

    1. Cayla, I had three very morning sickness filled pregnancies! And when I wasn’t throwing up, or aimply exhausted, I did NOT feel like using my feel good time to clean! I also didn’t want to ask my husband to help out. However, he was just as frustrated as I was! It would have helped both of ua for me to just sit with him and explain my situation. He may volunteer to help. Or you two can brainstorm for ideas. Like, use disposable plates and cups for a while. It will be cheaper than a maid! On a day you feel well, box up many of the 4ur old’s toys he isn’t playong with. This will streamline cleaning. And I have learned, with a few exceptions, most of your mom friendshave been in the same boat! They won’t judge you for your house and would probably be happy to help! Good luck with your pregnancy!!!

  4. My kids all have certain “family contributions” that help me with my cleaning load like putting their dirty clothes in the washer, cleaning up thier room, sweeping, etc. It really takes a huge load off my shoulders and they love to do it too!

  5. I have been focusing on cleaning one room a day, with an extra organizing task each day. I am amazed that it takes less than 30 minutes, usually only 15, to finish the day’s cleaning. The organizing task is for 10 minutes, but I usually want to spend longer once I get into it. The one load a day laundry system is working, and I don’t even need to do every day. Slowly I’m becoming more organized, one drawer at a time. I am hopeful that my house will become the way I want it by the end of 2017. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

    1. Oh, Elizabeth! I am so excited to hear this! It sounds like you are making real progress in your home. Congratulations … and keep up the good, diligent work! :)

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