How to Find the ‘Right’ Laundry Routine

Take a deep breath and stop worrying about your laundry habits. The “right” laundry routine completely depends on you and your current season of life.

Laundry. Aside from dirty dishes, I can’t think of another chore that continues to pile up day after day after day.

In my attempts to tackle Mt. Washmore in my own home, I’ve tried many different laundry routines over the years.

  • When I lived in a dorm and apartment and didn’t have access to a washer and dryer, I saved my laundry for two to three weeks at a time in a laundry bag. Then I spent hours washing and drying it all at my parents’ and grandparents’ houses. This is NOT my favorite approach at all, but I still appreciate all the time it gave me to visit my family.
  • I’ve tried weekly laundry days. This was most effective when I only needed to do laundry for my husband and myself. This method is NOT efficient with all the amount of laundry a family creates.
  • I’ve also tried one to two loads of laundry a day, five days a week. Currently this is my preferred method – because if I don’t keep up with at least one load a day, it’s easy to get buried in a mountain of dirty clothes.

Take a deep breath and stop worrying about your laundry habits. The "right" laundry routine completely depends on you and your current season of life.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Just as the frequency of my laundry has changed depending on the season of my life, so has the way I fold and put my laundry away.

In a perfect, unhurried world, I fold laundry when it comes out of the dryer, then take it to our bedrooms and put it away.

What usuallyhappens, though, is that our dried clothes sit in the dryer until I remember them.

If I’m exceptionally busy, I toss them in a laundry basket, try to remember to take my wool dryer balls out, then take the laundry basket to our family room to be folded. I try to fold all clean clothes before I go to bed each night.

Putting laundry away is a different story. Depending on my busyness, it can take several days before I put our clean clothes away. In the meantime, laundry baskets filled with clean, folded clothes start to pile up around our home.

When I do put our clothes away, I stack everything on my bed, separating piles of clean laundry for every room. My children are finally old enough to help put their clothes away, and this year I’ll start to teach them how to help wash and dry everything as part of their chores.

Take a deep breath and stop worrying about your laundry habits. The "right" laundry routine completely depends on you and your current season of life.

Finish what you start

One approach, taught by Erin Odom and Holly Dvorak, is to only completely do one load of laundry at a time – from washing to putting it away – before starting another load.

I’ve tried this method and like it a lot, but usually slip back into my old laundry habits – multi-tasking by sticking a second load in the washer when the first load is in the dryer.

So what’s the RIGHT routine?

What I’ve discovered is that it is vital to try different approaches until you find one that works best for you:

  • As much as I’d absolutely love to line dry my clothes every single load, most days I know the best I can do is to use my dryer. Getting them washed, dried and put away feels like a huge accomplishment.
  • There is absolutely no possible way that a mother of an infant – or even a toddler – can stand by the dryer and fold all the freshly dried clothes. (I’ve tried it. Even when I’d stick a baby in a bouncy seat, this method was virtually impossible.)
  • Busy women who are on the go with jam-packed schedules probably can’t devote an entire day to doing laundry each week. Spreading it out throughout the week is easier.

You have plenty of laundry to experiment with. And if all your clothes are clean right now, just wait until the next load of dirty laundry to try again.

Simply  keep trying different methods until you find what works best for you right now. You’ll find some method that will work best for you right now in your current season of life and living situation. When you find that, you’ll know it’s the “right” laundry routine for you!

Need help figuring out laundry basics? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to wash a load of laundry (and what all of your washing machine cycles mean). And here’s how to properly dry your laundry.

Take a deep breath and stop worrying about your laundry habits. The "right" laundry routine completely depends on you and your current season of life.

What is the right laundry routine for you in your current season of life?

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  1. one of the things i absolutely love about our apartment is the laundry room… here in the middle east we have 9-10 months no rain, so line drying is the way to go…. we live in the city, but we have laundry lines outside the window of the laundry room. the lines just about hold one load, so before i hang up a new load i have to take one down which i fold up as i take it down on the window sill and carry it right to where it belongs. also i have timer on my washer, so i usually fill it up at night, time it for the morning, so the laundry doesn’t sit wet all night, then hang it up in the morning. i try to take down the load in the evening. sometimes it’s all upside down though. i only dry towels in the dryer for softness. sheets go dirty from the bed into the washer first thing in the morning, then on the line, and from the line back on the bed by night… no folding necessary.

    also we have a minimalist wardrobe ( i try to limit to 10 outfits per person/season except for potty training times… ) that helps a lot to keep laundry under control.

    by the way, i really like your re-branding:)

    1. Lydia!! I was so happy to see your comment today … and so happy that you’ve made the jump with the rebrand. :)

      I love your laundry routine and the way that you logistically need to do things, so it sound like an easy process for you!

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