Rescue Your Messy Home with a Homemaking Reset Day

Is your home messy … again? Never fear. Try a Homemaking Reset Day and enjoy the tidy results!

It happened again. My once-clean house was messy. And not just in the “spend a couple hours tidying up” sense, but in the “I can’t get a handle on this” kind of messy.

The trouble was, this scenario happened far more often than I’d prefer.

After spending a couple months doing a major cleaning and decluttering project in my home, I noticed everything stayed fairly clean — for about six weeks.

Then, little messes would start to accumulate.

Closets, cupboards and drawers were getting disorganized again. And if I didn’t nip it in the bud, these little messes would evolve into big messes in a hurry, like a huge, cluttered snowball.

Maintaining a clean home definitely wasn’t as easy as I’d like.

But then I discovered the beauty of a Homemaking Reset Day.

Woman stands with a bucket of cleaning supplies

Woman stands in her kitchen with a mop

What’s a Homemaking Reset Day?

By taking one day and clearing my schedule of everything except housework, I can focus on getting my home in order again. Before things get out of hand.

In a Homemaking Reset Day, I simply stick to cleaning the messiest spots.

If you’ve done the hard work of cleaning your home in the past few months, it should only take a day to get everything else back in order again.

Need to backtrack first?

If you haven’t buckled down and deep cleaned your home in a while, there will be a few things you’ll need to do before you can appreciate the beauty of a Homemaking Reset Day.

  • First of all, purge your rooms and spaces of clutter and items you don’t need anymore. (These two questions will give you a great start.) It truly helps to simply own less. You can prevent a LOT of mess and time needed for cleaning by owning less stuff.
  • Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t love or need, then start deep cleaning. Scrub surfaces. Wash, dry, polish and shine what’s needed.
  • After you’ve finished the purging and deep cleaning, appreciate your hard work and the finished product. You’ve cleaned a room! (Or, if you’ve put a lot of time into it, you’ve cleaned your home!)

You’re now in a great place where maintenance cleaning is all that’s necessary. And, every six weeks or so, you’ll need a Homemaking Reset Day.

Woman stands in her kitchen, with her hands on her hips .... and cleaning supplies in her hands

Before everything starts to spiral

Homes get messy – that’s certain. But they don’t have to spiral out of control.

In your own home, know that as much as you’ll try, there will come a time when you’ll need to stop and regroup. Plan for a Homemaking Reset Day. In doing that, you’ll be able to get things under control again.

"In your own home, know that as much as you’ll try, there will come a time when you’ll need to stop and regroup. Plan for a Homemaking Reset Day. In doing that, you’ll be able to get things under control again." - Hilary Bernstein,

What can you do on a Homemaking Reset Day?

As you set aside a Homemaking Reset Day, make sure to use the day to your advantage.

Starting out in the messiest space in your home, focus on one room at a time. And if it’s an exceptionally messy room, focus on one area or project at a time.

This might look working drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf around the room. However you do it, make sure you bring everything back into order.

If clutter is the culprit, you may need to focus on getting things put away on this day – deep cleaning can come later.

Or, if your home generally doesn’t feel clean, work on both decluttering and deep cleaning.

Whatever you decide to work on, start with your messiest room, then work your way around your home.

Take the time on this Reset Day to focus on some of the cleaning projects you’d rather not tackle. Commit to doing them on this day so the jobs are finished and they don’t have to weigh you down anymore.

Mess creates stress, so the quicker you deal with your messy home, the less stress you’ll feel in your daily life.

If you’ve let your home go for a while, you may need to expand your Homemaking Reset Day into a Homemaking Reset Week. However long it takes, make sure to stop and do the work now so you can stop the messes from multiplying in your home.

After you put in the day of housework and see the results, you’ll be thankful you’ve stopped to reset all of your efforts.

Woman sprays and cleans her kitchen countertop

Have you tried keeping up with your cleaning with a Homemaking Reset Day? What results have you noticed?

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