How to Clean Switch Plates and Doorknobs

When you routinely clean your home, don’t forget to clean switch plates and doorknobs!

Did you ever stop to think that the doorknobs and switch plates in your home may be one of the germiest places?

Yet how often do you clean them?

I may know that frequently touched places like doorknobs, faucet handles and light switches are some of the dirtiest places in my home, but I don’t always remember to clean them.

When you routinely clean your home, don't forget to clean switch plates and doorknobs!

This time of year, though, I get a little more vigilant. If your home is anything like mine, things get really germy this time every year. Bugs are passed from person to person, tissue boxes are quickly emptied, and a lot of hot tea and soup are served for lunches and dinners to help ease cold and flu symptoms.

To prevent a lot of the spread of sickness, use common sense:

How to clean switch plates and doorknobs

If you’ve stopped using toxic disinfectants like bleach or bleach wipes (and I certainly hope you have!!), you may wonder how to clean germ-prone areas like doorknobs and light switches. I have two simple solutions for you!

1. Squirt hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe down the doorknobs and switch plates. Allow to dry.

While this method is easy, I will warn you – if you use too much hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, it will run off your surfaces easily (and quickly). This could mean discolored paint on the walls right under the switch plates – I give this warning from personal experience.

2. Dampen a Norwex EnviroCloth with tap water and wipe off the doorknob or switchplate. The microfiber will do the trick … but as long as it’s damp and not soaking wet, you won’t have to worry about any dripping liquid.

Whichever method you prefer, give a quick swipe every week and create a less germy home!

How do you safely clean switch plates and doorknobs in your home?


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