You look around your home and see a whole lot of mess … but have no energy or motivation to get to work.

You have an amazing couple of days keeping up with everything in your home … but then you can’t keep the motivation to do everything in your home.

Now that you’re in a different season of life, you lack the motivation to care for your home the way you once did. (If you ever had that elusive gift of motivation.)

You simply lack motivation. And you could use some help.

I believe you can change. I believe you can discover what motivates you the most and use it to care for your home … even when you don’t feel like it.

I believe you can discover what motivates you the most and use it to care for your home … even when you don’t feel like it. My own motivation transformation

After floundering between ignoring my housework and getting bursts of motivation to accomplish something, I figured out how to supercharge my motivation so I can get cleaning and housework done when I need to get it done.

And I’ve gathered a toolbox of tricks that work for dozens of other homemakers, too.

I’d love to share my secrets with you in my eBook, Motivated: Caring for Your Home When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Motivated by Hilary Bernstein

What will this eBook do for you?

Imagine knowing what motivates YOU to get working around your house … and keep working around your house, week after week, month after month.

When you read Motivated, you’ll learn 16 different motivations for accomplishing work around your home, as well as the science behind motivation. You’ll discover what motivates YOU the most. And you’ll know how to use that motivation to care for your home.

In short, you’ll feel motivated to care for your home … even if and when you don’t feel like it.

What others are saying

“So much truth here … Everyone should find something that reflects exactly where she is. Motivation is the hardest part of cleaning and this eBook gives much inspiration. I want to read it regularly because as my needs change, this will still have me covered. I found many new motivations to try.” – Sandy

“With an authentic and light-hearted voice, Hilary tackles one of the most dreaded issues we face: how to make cleaning not only bearable, but also enjoyable. In this book, she reveals the value of a positive outlook along with pratical ways to build motivation. This text tackles the issue through real-life scenarios and enough story telling to make ‘Motivated’ easily connectable. If you need a quick read to remind you that cleaning is good for the soul, I highly recommend this book.” – Katylyn

“I can relate to so much of this eBook, and the parts I couldn’t relate to are inspiring. This is a great, short read. I love it!  Thanks for the new inspiration!” – Nicole

“Taking care of the homes we live in can be a daily struggle. Hilary offers encouragement, practical advice, and insight into why many of us struggle so much with keeping our homes clean and welcoming. After reading Motivated, I was reminded of the bigger purpose of why we clean our homes, and also took away great tips on how to keep it clean!” – Linda

What’s inside?

  • 19 easy-to-read chapters
  • 3 printable planning guides to help you in your home

Grab your digital copy of Motivated now for $9.99!

Hilary Bernstein

Who is Hilary?

Hilary Bernstein helps Christian women transform their homes into havens at No Place Like Home. Trusted by more than 3,000 homemakers, Hilary has shared practical advice on how to care for your home and marriage for the past two years.

A wife to her best friend and mom of a son and daughter, Hilary focuses on helping readers create havens that will nurture themselves – and their families.


What happens after I purchase Motivated?

Once you purchase a digital copy of Motivated, the PDF will be directly e-mailed to you.

What’s inside?

The 45-page eBook includes nineteen chapters and three printable resources to help with planning.