My Top 3 Reasons to Wear an Apron

Why wear an apron in your home? Here are my Top 3 reasons to wear an apron.

If the thought of aprons conjures up dowdy, old-fashioned stereotypes, it’s time to reconsider your notions.

Twenty-first Century homemakers do choose to wear aprons. And while I can’t speak for every apron-wearing homemaker, here are my personal Top 3 reasons to wear an apron:

1. Aprons protect clothing.

After staining my clothes with grease and food stains while cooking without aprons, I am thankful aprons protect my clothing.

When I wear my apron, I can avoid stubborn stains when I’m preparing meals … or sudsy water while I’m washing dishes.

Protecting my clothing means that I have less laundry to do, plus I end up saving money by saving my clothing from stains.

Why wear an apron in your home? Here are my Top 3 reasons to wear an apron.

2. Aprons keep me focused on my housework.

I’ll admit it … when I’m working around my house without an apron on, I’m very likely to get distracted.

My multi-tasking brain takes over, and before I know it I’m forgetting about culling my paper piles and switching to returning phone calls or taking mail to the mailbox or jumping ahead on my to-do list.

Yet when I’m wearing an apron, I’m focused on the tasks at hand.

I get dishes washed quicker.

I stick to cleaning the bathroom.

I hurry and vacuum the floor.

It’s like I know I’m wearing a homemaking uniform of sorts.

It may be a figment of my imagination, but I bet that I actually spend less time cleaning when I’m wearing an apron, just because I stay on task and get my work done quickly.

Before I know it, I’m hanging up my apron and moving on to something else in my day.

Why wear an apron in your home? Here are 3 reasons to wear an apron.

3. Aprons let other people know I’m working – and that I embrace homemaking.

Wearing an apron has become a no-brainer to me.

As long as I’m working in my kitchen, my apron’s usually on. I forget about this when company comes over and I’m working on last minute food prep … on a couple of occasions, male guests have been surprised to see me wearing an apron.

When they’ve commented about the surprise of seeing a woman wearing an apron, I smile to think of how an apron is a small way to show that I appreciate homemaking.

Wearing an apron doesn’t just send a message that I embrace homemaking, but that I’m busy at work.

Whether it’s my children, a neighbor, or a delivery driver, it’s obvious that I’m in the middle of doing housework – and I will have more time to chat once I take my apron off.

Bonus Reason: Aprons are cute.

I know some aprons can be boring … but unless you prefer plain aprons, why would you choose one?

I love the selection of aprons homemakers can choose from today. From sassy to sweet, there’s an apron to fit your style.

I’ve started a collection of my own aprons – some have been handmade for me, others have been given as gifts, and still others I’ve chosen for myself – and I love to switch my aprons depending on the season.

As I wear them, I’m able to stay focused on my housework, protect my clothing, and use them as a sort of uniform for my homemaking responsibilities. To me, those are fantastic reasons to keep wearing aprons.

Why wear an apron in your home? Here are my Top 3 reasons to wear an apron.

Do you wear aprons in your home? What are your top reasons to wear an apron?

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  1. I love aprons – they keep your clothes cleaner, signal to others that you are working, and make me feel domestic; in addition, several of my aprons in my growing collection either belonged to or were made for me by my late mom, so they help me honor and remember her. I once admired an online photo of an aporn and got flamed on by a feminist who told me I was a disgrace to women everywhere and a throw-back to the 50s. LOL! Not sure what about keeping your clothes clean is disgraceful….

  2. I’ve been wanting to start wearing Aprons and love this post – it’s inspiring me! Would love to win the Apron in the giveaway to startu collection!

  3. I love my aprons also! My husband bought me one years ago while we were on vacation and it still makes me smile when I wear it!

  4. I agree with all your points on wearing aprons. I really DO keep more focused and task centered while working in an apron. Keeping my clothes cleaner is a no brainer. I had not thought about the way an apron can communicate for you, that you are busy working. I need that, as I sell fresh produce and goods from my farm directly from my home. While I would love to establish long lasting relationships with every customer, I can’t talk long, as I have work to do. The apron on is like a form of silent communication.

    One other point of view I have about apron wearing, which I learned through my relationships inside the Amish and Mennonite circles…. Wearing an apron can help you maintain an attitude of service to others. :) blessings to you

  5. Great article! I usually wear my apron to keep my clothes clean. I realized, after reading the article, wearing an apron does keep my on track. Like a previous coment, I feel domestic. Maybe a little like Caroline Ingalls. :-)

  6. I wear mine to protect my clothes and to remind me of my grandma. I used her apron to make one for me so hers didn’t get worn out. I’m using one of her old table cloths (it has holes in it) to make aprons for my daughters.

  7. Glad I found this article – while I like to look nice and put together when I have cleaning to do I wear grungy jeans and a sweatshirt – if I wore an apron I could still wear cute clothes without worrying about ruining them :)

    1. I always used to wear grungy jeans and sweatshirts on cleaning days, too! But now I can’t remember the last time I wore them. :)

  8. I agree, wearing an apron really helps me to remain focused and definitely protects my clothing. thanks for this great post!

  9. Wearing an apron & cooking/baking just go together for me! It simply saves me the trouble of having to get out some nasty splatter stain later. But thinking about your other two reasons is all the more reason to embrace apron wearing. I find that when I do, it helps to keep me focused on the task at hand and I love how it makes an unspoken statement to all who see it that I am on a mission!!

  10. I have a few aprons, some received as gifts, and I always think of the giver when I wear that apron. I wear to cook, not to clean. I’ll have to consider that. Thanks for the excellent post!

  11. Aprons are cute, I like the various styles and colors, I can dress once on most days. An apron keeps the threads off my clothes while in the sewing room :) which is where I spend a lot of time. Most of all, I remember my grandmother wearing one.

  12. I liked it when you highlighted your idea of how wearing an apron is a small way to show the people that you appreciate being a homemaker. Actually, it is no surprise for me that women wear an apron because my sister doesn’t usually cook without wearing one. It is basically one of her most important cooking supplies, and yes, she is a good homemaker. That is also the reason why I think the best gift for her birthday is an apron.

  13. Interesting. I asked my mom for an apron for a Christmas gift one year and received it
    I used to help in the kitchen at a church conference and found if you were wearing an apron no one questioned your right to be in the kitchen even if you weren’t working there.

  14. I’ve got at least a dozen aprons. They’re all X backed pinafores or prairie apron with long full skirts and I wear one every day. It’s good to be able to walk around the farm and not have to pull prickles and grass seeds out of my dress or skirt.

  15. I always wear an apron while cooking and washing dishes and most of the time I keep it for eating, it avoids food stains and unnecessary laundry.

    I have four daughters aged 8, 11, 13 and 16 yr old. All four wear an apron at every meal. The apron make sure their clothes remain clean and it also keep them focussed on the meal.

    1. What a great idea to use aprons at mealtimes, Laura! I might just have to make the switch from napkins to making everyone in my family wear them!

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