5 Super Quick Ways to Get Ready for Company on a Moment’s Notice

Sometimes, guests stop by without much notice at all. If your home is a wreck, here are 5 super quick ways to get ready for company on a moment’s notice.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to clean your home is to invite company over.

There’s nothing like an impending date on your calendar to get you cleaning off surfaces, mopping floors and washing windows.

Without that incentive, it’s hard to fit all of that homemaking in to an already busy schedule. At least that’s the case in my home.

But sometimes, you don’t know weeks ahead of time that guests will be coming over. Sometimes you may not even get a day’s notice.

Family cleans their kitchen together

If you’ve just found out that company is coming in a matter of hours (or minutes!) don’t panic.

While your ultimate goal may be to invite guests into a welcoming haven, that may not be possible. Sometimes, you’ll open your door and guests will see into your messy everyday reality. (Really, that’s OK. Trust me when I say that everyone has a messy everyday reality.)

To ease your mind and reduce the stress of the situation, here are 5 super quick ways to get ready for company on a moment’s notice.

1. Keep a room clean.

Don’t feel like you have to clean your entire home clean all the time. Some rooms are naturally more messy than others. (Your kitchen? If you have children, their bedrooms?)

But if you keep one room in your home picked up – preferably by an entrance to your home – you can welcome people into your home and keep them in that one room. All they need to see is that one space.

And your messiest rooms? Keep your doors shut.

Woman is standing in a panic

2. Realize that sometimes you need to do a panic clean.

Ideally, you have homemaking routines in your home so you know how and when to clean certain spaces.

But let’s be realistic. Clutters and messes happen. And if you know someone’s on their way over to your home, but you don’t feel like baring your mountain of mail that’s been accumulating for the past week, hide it. It’s OK.

Of course you’ll still need to sort through that pile later. But for now, move it to a room where you can shut the door. Think of some handy hiding places, and move your mess there temporarily.

It’s important to remember that this is not a permanent solution … just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it disappeared forever. You will still need to deal with that mess. Just not right now.

As you’re doing your panic clean, make sure there are places to sit down and visit. The goal of this clean is to remove clutter in a place you plan to visit with your guest.

3. Do a quick clean in your bathroom.

If you’ve done your panic clean and still have five minutes to spare, clean up your bathroom in a hurry. Sometimes your company may need to use the bathroom while they’re visiting, and you may not want them to see a sink splattered in toothpaste spit or a countertop cluttered with cosmetics. Do a quick clean and get on with life.

(While you’re in the bathroom, you may want to take a quick peek in the mirror and make sure you don’t look overly frazzled.)

4. Look for something to offer your guest.

If you’ve finished your panic clean and made your bathroom look presentable, check out your kitchen.

What drinks do you have to offer your guest? If it’s just water, that’s fine. Depending on how messy your home is, you may need to see if you have any clean drinking glasses. Make sure you do!

You may also want to look for a potential snack to offer your company. This is not necessary at all, especially if the visit is very last minute, but it’s still a nice touch.

Family cleans kitchen together

5. Take a deep breath and get ready to welcome your guests.

Now that you’ve straightened up your home in lightning fast speed, take a deep breath and get ready to greet your guests at the door.

And relax once they get there … you’ve done a great job! Remember that building into the relationships with your guests is the most important part.

While your home may be far from perfect, it’s now presentable – and welcoming. Just like you.

What are some quick ways you get ready for company on a moment’s notice?

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