5 Ways to Celebrate Summer in Your Home

Summer comes just once a year … make the most of summer in your home with these five easy, breezy tips!

Summertime’s here!

If you love warmth, sunshine, and longer, laid-back days, this is your time of year. And even if summer’s not your favorite season, there still is so much to appreciate about it.

You may not end up spending too much time inside over the next few months. But to fully embrace the long, lazy days of summer in your home, simply use your senses!

By appealing to your senses, you can welcome the season in these five ways:

Summer comes just once a year ... make the most of summer in your home with these five easy, breezy tips!

Summer comes just once a year ... make the most of summer in your home with these five easy, breezy tips!

1. Try to use light and airy fabrics in your home.

It’s time to pack away the things you use during cold weather. Store your heavy coats, blankets, and all your fleece and flannel.

If you get chilly in air conditioning, or if summer nights get cool where you live, switch to light throw blankets in your home. (I always keep a couple of long-sleeve linen blouses in my closet just in case I get too chilly in short sleeves.)

Linens and cottons cool life down. Think billowy curtains and lighter area rugs.

2. Switch to summery colors.

Now is the time to decorate your home in bright, vibrant colors:

  • You could go all nautical with bright red, white, navy, and bright yellow accents.
  • Try a tropical approach with hot pink, bright orange, lemon yellow, and lime green.
  • For a more low-key, natural look, stick to colors that will remind you of the outdoors – sunny yellows, peaceful blues, and refreshing greens.
  • Or, opt for airy whites.

Add these colors everywhere that could use a little pop – throw pillows, knick knacks, area rugs, blankets, napkins, and even dinnerware.

Summer's here! Celebrate it with these 5 easy ways.

3. Serve light and refreshing foods and drinks.

Just like you’re keeping your surroundings light, keep the foods you serve refreshing:

  • Make the most of the fresh fruit and veggies of the season. (Hello, watermelon!)
  • Stick to salads or foods on the grill.
  • Try to keep the heat out of your kitchen by keeping your oven off.
  • Plan on your favorite summertime meals.

As you’re serving summery foods, make the most of the nice weather by eating outdoors. Plan a picnic or dine al fresco on your porch or deck.

4. Fill your home with summertime scents.

Sunscreen or citronella may be the first odors you associate with summer, but try to add these fresh fragrances to your home:

  • Think tropical or fresh fruit – try diffusing orange, lemon, or grapefruit essential oils.
  • Use great smelling (but safe!) cleaning products. (I’ve stocked up on Mrs. Meyer’s radish scent for this summer.)
  • Hang out a load of laundry to dry on a clothesline, then breathe in the fresh scent of line dried clothes.

5. Crank up the summer sounds!

Now’s the perfect time of year to listen to your favorite summery tunes. Think Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet. Add a little reggae, or make a playlist of your favorite songs from past summers. Whatever makes you think of summer, listen to it.

By focusing on these five details, you can transform your home into a summery haven in just a few minutes.

Summer comes just once a year ... make the most of it in your home with these five summery tips!

How do you prefer to celebrate summer in your home?

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