Get to know your husband better and understand him more in the next week.

When you said, “I do,” you knew you made a promise for the rest of your life. But now that you’ve settled in to married life, you find yourself questioning who in the world you married.

Sometimes, you even wonder why you married your husband … or if you’d make the same choice again.

You want to stay true to your commitment, but exactly who is this man you’ve married?

Imagine what it would be like to actually figure out who your husband is? What if you knew what drives him … and what holds him back? What if you felt like you finally understood your husband?

Get to know your husband better and understand him more in the next week.

Yes! You can understand your husband!

You can understand your husband. (It is possible!)

And once you have a better understanding of who your husband is, so much in your marriage won’t be a surprise. You can start taking steps toward a healthier marriage instead of feeling trapped with a stranger.

With Hilary Bernstein’s seven-day Understanding Your Husband Your Better challenge, you’ll receive daily emails that will help you take just five minutes out of your day to slow down and consider who your husband is.

Once you identify what makes him tick, you’ll finally figure out this man of your vows. You’ll be able to move forward in your marriage. By the end of one week you’ll finally understand your husband better.

Do I need to understand my husband?

For wives who feel like they’re living their dream and are thrilled with their marriages, Understanding Your Husband Better won’t be a good fit. (Chances are, you could teach a marriage class!)

But if you feel stuck with regret? Understanding Your Husband Better is the seven-day challenge for you!

If you feel mystified why your husband says what he says or behaves the way he does, Understanding Your Husband Better is for you.

What’s Included

Once you sign up for Understanding Your Husband Better, Hilary Bernstein will:

  • Email you for seven days with a daily topic to ponder and brainstorm.
  • She’ll also include daily printables to help you along your journey of discovery.
  • And at the end of your week, you’ll have action steps that will help you grow into a healthy marriage.

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