4 Ways to Welcome Spring to Your Home

Spring is coming! Here are 4 ways to welcome spring to your home.

Born and raised in Ohio, I’ve spent all of my life experiencing all four seasons throughout the year. Some weeks, it almost seems like we experience all four seasons in the span of seven days, thanks to the changes in the weather.

Because of this quarterly change, I love to welcome and embrace each season in my home. Whether it’s the budding, blooming burst of spring, the warm relaxation of summer, the crisp and homey feel of fall, or the peaceful chill of winter, I celebrate each season in four different ways: taste, touch, sight and scent.

The newness of spring makes it one of my favorite seasons of the year. Since it’s almost here, here are four ways I love to welcome spring to my own home:

Spring is coming! Here are 4 ways to welcome spring to your home.

4 Ways to Welcome Spring to Your Home

1. Spring tastes

After eating warm comfort food all winter long, spring is a great time for lighter flavors and meals.

In the spring, I like a lot of salads. Light soups are good for chillier days, too. An annual spring breakfast I love to make for my family is lemon pancakes topped with strawberry preserves. For desserts, I’m also drawn to lighter flavors like lemon, coconut, or almond.

2. Spring touches

Throughout my home, I want it to feel like spring is finally here.

I take away the warm, heavy coverings from winter. I hang lighter curtains in my children’s bedrooms, and dig out lighter throw blankets for our living rooms. All our fleece and wool is put away until fall.

The same goes with our clothing. I pack away dark colors and heavy fabrics and make the switch to pastels and lighter material.

3. Spring sights

Once spring is on the way, I change the colors of a lot of the accents in my home:

  • Wintery blue pillows are gone and spring green pillows are in their place.
  • Flowery prints are framed and hung.
  • Pastel-colored votive candles in different rooms add a pop of color.
  • Spring wreaths are hung outside.
  • I dig vases out of storage spots and wash them, so they’re ready for backyard bouquets.
  • Once I pack away my red and navy Fiesta Ware bowls and plates, I get out my yellow, green, orange, and turquoise bowls and plates.

These four simple ideas are great ways to welcome spring to your home!

4. Spring scents

Spring is the time of year to focus on floral scents. I like to diffuse lavender essential oil as a relaxing air freshener. I open up the windows in my home to get fresh air and the scent of our lilac trees.

I also like to use floral fragrances in soap – body soap, hand soap, and dish soap.

  • For body soap, I use Dr. Bronner’s lavender castile soap. (A huge bottle will last my family several springtimes.)
  • For hand soap, I absolutely love the spring scents of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day liquid hand soaps. Last year I tried the Spring Peony scent and liked it – but absolutely and completely loved the Spring Lilac scent. It’s only offered for a limited time, though, so this year I’ve already stocked up.
  • When I used to wash all my family’s dishes by hand, I absolutely loved using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap. It was like getting aromatherapy while I washed dishes. While I’m not crazy about all the scents I’ve tried, a very few actually help me look forward to washing dishes. (Never in a million years did I think I would ever say this, but it’s true.) I loved using Radish in the summer, but my absolute favorite scent was using Lilac in the spring. There’s just something about smelling lilacs and looking out my open kitchen window that helps me relax and remember spring is actually here.
  • You can try Mrs. Meyer’s springtime fragrances in your own home! Get a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning kit from Grove Collaborative when you place your first order by clicking here!

By focusing on these four details, I can transform my home into a spring haven in just a few minutes.

These four simple ideas are great ways to welcome spring to your home!

What do you do to celebrate spring in your home?

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