Hi there!
Iā€™m Hilary Bernstein.

I write books, create blogs, lead my church’s women’s ministry … and through it all, I love to encourage women of all ages, both in print and in person.

I truly believe that even in the messiness of life, Christian women can experience lives filled with peace and purpose. This is true in my own life, and it’s true in the lives of plenty of women I’ve known and loved.

Through my writing, I want to help you move past the messy and start to clean things up with the truth of God’s Word.

If and when you ever meet me in real life, you’ll quickly find out I like listening to other people and figuring out ways I can help. But since you’re meeting me online at the moment, know that I’m happy to offer advice when it comes to:

Life is good … but messy!

The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus, and I’m willing to be stretched by Him. Even when I may not necessarily feel like being bold, I want to be obedient. This willingness to go out on a limb might not be comfortable, but it sure is exciting!

Because of this, I’ve met so many amazing people and have found myself in interesting places for my introverted self … from movie sets to the front of classrooms to onstage and backstage.

Regardless of who I’m getting to know or what I’m doing, I’ve found that life is messy. Everyone faces challenges of some sort. But instead of focusing on all that’s difficult, we can choose to learn and grow and experience the peace that comes through a life lived with Christ.

My favorite things

After Jesus, my family are my favorite people. It felt like it took forever to become a wife and mom, but my husband, son, and daughter definitely were worth the wait.

One of my favorite things is spending time with them, whether we’re hanging out at our cozy bungalow with homeschooling, enjoying meals or movies or games or family discussions, or traveling around the country. (My favorite hobby is planning trips and discovering new places!)

Hilary Bernstein and family

I’ve enjoyed reading books and writing since I was in kindergarten, so I majored in journalism in college. When I graduated, I worked as a magazine writer and newspaper editor for a decade before becoming a blogger. After blogging for ten years, I’ve been thrilled to write ten devotional books for women, teens, and girls with Barbour Publishing.

I still appreciate blogging, though, and especially adore my email subscribers. When you sign up for my subscriber community, I’ll email you quick, encouraging messages once a week that will help you navigate the messiness of life … and your home. (Admit it … every home gets messy!) Click here to subscribe!