The #1 Factor in Your Housekeeping Success

You might be surprised by the #1 factor in your housekeeping success …

When it comes to success in your housekeeping, you may think there are a lot of important factors – your availability and schedule, how big or small your home is, and how big or small your mess is.

All of those factors do make a difference when it comes to caring for your home. In fact, they’re all important variables to consider when you’re figuring out exactly how to best care for your home. But they’re not the most important thing.

No, the #1 factor in your housekeeping success or failure is … you.

You might be surprised by the #1 factor in your housekeeping success ...

Can you handle the truth?

Knowing that truth can be really uncomfortable – especially if everything in your home looks and feels out of control, or if you’d rather blame someone or something else.

But really, you are the one in charge of your home. You are the one creating a haven. Your home is your domain – it’s the area that is under your control.

It may seem like you’re up against so much – messy family members, an overly busy schedule, not enough room, too much stuff, not enough physical energy, or illness. But you need to take all of those challenges into account and find a way to manage your home anyway.

You might be surprised by the #1 factor in your housekeeping success ...

When knowledge isn’t enough

Like so much in your life, you are the #1 factor:

  • If you’re overweight and out of shape, you might invest in all of the exercise equipment and fitness programs and healthy food that you can afford. But unless you actually choose to use it – and use it often – it won’t do much good.
  • If you go to church every Sunday of your life, you can know all about Jesus. But unless you actually choose to let Him be the Lord of your life, all of your head knowledge won’t matter or make a difference when it comes to your eternity.
  • If you’re buried in debt, you can read all the resources on finances and debt-free living you can get your hands on and create strategies. But unless you actually change your spending habits and pay yourself out of debt, none of the resources will help.
  • And if your home is a wreck, you can read all the homemaking blogs available and create all kinds of plans and systems that you’d like. But unless you actually do the hard work of cleaning and maintaining your home, you won’t notice much of a difference.

You might be surprised by the #1 factor in your housekeeping success ...

Experiencing transformation

Learning about the things you’d like to change isn’t bad – in fact, it’s incredibly helpful. But the key to success in so much is found when you actually apply what you learn to your daily life.

Transform areas of your life by doing the hard work of making actual changes.

This kind of transformation comes with discipline – as much as you may like it, you can’t snap your fingers or wiggle your nose or pray about it every single day and expect to wake up to a miraculous change. You need to take the first and second and third steps.

And you need to keep following through – even when it feels like success isn’t happening quickly enough.

Even though life today seems like everything should happen instantly, easily, and with the click of a button, that just isn’t always the case in real life. Hard work and patience still are necessary. Self-control is essential. Not everything can be resolved overnight. Sometimes you need to wait, be diligent, and eventually see the reward of all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Throughout all of that long process, YOU are the one to choose to keep going in endurance. YOU are the #1 factor in your own housekeeping success.

You might be surprised by the #1 factor in your housekeeping success ...

To what have you tried to tie your housekeeping success? How does it make you feel to realize YOU are the #1 factor in your housekeeping success?

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