Why in the world would one “normal” family decide to go green? And how did they do it?

Author Hilary Kimes Bernstein shares the nitty gritty details in her tell-all eBook, Accidentally Green: How and why one family began making healthy changes that honor God and happen to help the environment.

Accidentally Green by Hilary Kimes Bernstein Hilary writes:

“I have a confession to make. I don’t consider myself environmentally friendly.

“This admission probably seems very strange, especially since it’s coming from someone who writes a blog called Accidentally Green. My blog’s entire mission statement is helping others make healthy choices that honor God and happen to help the environment.

“Did you catch that? The choices only happen to help the environment. I’m not fully committed to the entire “Go Green, Save the Earth” movement, and I’m not an environmental activist. But I wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs to be a good steward of what God has blessed him or her with – and that includes your body, family, and world. Personally, I think it’s pointless to solely focus on saving the environment if we aren’t helping to save ourselves from an unhealthy world.”

Accidentally Green is divided into six different chapters, as they chronicle six distinct phases of Bernstein’s life. After each chapter, a Pull Up A Chair section share specific details that work for her family. In a Things To Think About section, readers will be prompted to examine their own lives.

By the end of Accidentally Green, readers will learn about a lot of small changes – and feel encouraged to start making healthier decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment.

Want to hear what others are saying about Accidentally Green?

“I really, really enjoyed Accidentally Green: How and Why One Family Began Making Healthy Changes That Honor God and Happen to Help the Environment. Reading this eBook is like listening to a friend honestly share her struggles, realizations, and solutions over coffee. At its core, it’s a storybook with lessons on how to live a healthier life at the end of each chapter. I think what I loved the most about Accidentally Green is that it’s real. … The very best pieces of writing inspire you to act in some way. Hilary’s eBook did that for me.” – Lisa, The Home Life {and Me}

“Grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair, because Accidentally Green really is like having a chat with a good friend. In it, Hilary shares how the changes her family made to honor God with their resources also had the effect of helping the environment. She speaks honestly about what worked, what didn’t, and what additional changes she hopes to make in the future. This book is peppered with practical tips and faith-based encouragement. After reading Accidentally Green, I felt encouraged, not overwhelmed.” – Stephanie, Amazon review

“I love her honesty, and her book shows that it truly makes sense from lots of angles to make healthy choices. Her eBook is a quick and enjoyable read that I found myself nodding to in lots of places. I also sympathized with the different things she experienced as catalysts to green living. She also leaves her readers with lots of ideas for steps to take toward a healthier life, while admitting that she has not arrived and likely never will. This is not an intimidating book, even for someone who feels like they have a long way to go.” – Anjanette, Raising the Barr{s}

Accidentally Green is an easy-to-read recollection of Bernstein’s family’s journey to a greener, more frugal lifestyle. I found this book to be an encouragement to all moms to keep making small changes because those changes make big differences in the health and wellness of our families. … Bernstein wants what all moms want for their families – a healthy, happy, safe home, and this book details how she continues to work toward that with every choice she makes. Written in a conversational tone, you feel like you’re listening to an old friend as she offers quick tips and personal stories. I recommend this book to any mom who feels like the journey to greener living is an uphill battle because, as Bernstein shows, it’s really the little steps we take every day that matter the most.” – Kristy, Amazon review

Accidentally Green is a great resource for people who, like me, feel overwhelmed by it all. Because it is a personal narrative, the story form was engaging and easy to read. Hilary encouraged me to start wherever I can, and to not be discouraged by all of the things I’m currently not doing- every little change makes a difference and counts for something! Her story gave me ideas of areas in my own home I can start reforming. And just when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed again, she shared the areas that she still personally would like to improve in {and the ones that she doesn’t care to, due to cost and inconvenience!}. Hilary was helpful, Scripture centered, and completely down to earth.” – Rachel, The Purposeful Wife

“This book actually changed my life! As I read this book, my son kept coughing in bed. As I read on I clicked on a link Bernstein incorporated in her book. I could still smell the cleaner I had cleaned the house with that day. Because of her book I realized the reason my son was coughing was from the chemicals in the cleaner I had used. It was rated the worst for causing respiratory and allergy symptoms. The next morning I cleaned out my cleaners and went all natural/organic. He hasn’t had a problem since!” – Jamie, Amazon review

“This brilliant little book shows how Bernstein takes one thing at a time, one step at a time, and does only what is best for her family. She talks about some other choices, but by no means even considers herself ‘green,’ nor does she attempt to change everything. She tells her own story about starting small, making one change at a time, gradually, and in doing so, grabs and inspires the reader to do the same. We all want to be healthier, it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it. Bernstein shows that not only is it entirely doable, but it’s also fun, interesting, and often falls in line with her spiritual beliefs as a Christian, as well. Just like I believe people without children can benefit from this book, I also believe non-Christians can as well. There’s something for everyone in here.” – Janine, Classics Defined

“I read this book since my family is looking to improve our lifestyle by becoming more responsible with foods, products and actions. But we’re on a one-income budget so I can’t just go to a health store and buy everything green and environmentally friendly that I see. That’s where this book was helpful. Hilary shows that by deliberately targeting one area of your life at a time, change can happen. The individual changes she made were not radical, but the outcome was significant. This book guides you through small but effective changes – suggestions for new personal products, cleaning products and household goods – which are effective but better for the environment. She truly shows how you can change and her personal conviction for why those changes were necessary for them.” – Beth, Amazon review

“I found Hilary’s writing style engaging and easy to read. … Along the way, she examines food choices, housekeeping choices, purchasing power, as well as other key decision areas. I love the way she sums up each chapter with what her level of awareness was at that particular time in her life.” – Jen, A Cup Full of Faith

“I appreciate Hilary’s thoughtful and honest personal story on making healthier choices that have positively affected her, her family and our environment. I am thankful for the examples and links that she’s provided to make it EASIER for me to follow suit or give credence to what I’m already trying to do. … She’s forthright, she’s encouraging.” – Emily, Amazon review

“Hilary shares thought-provoking questions along with a Bible verse at the end of each chapter to help readers develop their own action plan. This book is really good for those who are new to the ‘green lifestyle’ and wonder where they should start or even why these things are important.” – Rebekah, Simply Rebekah

“Accidentally Green is a must-read for those trying to take the first steps to becoming green but have no idea where to start. I wouldn’t have considered myself very green prior to reading this book. However, I was encouraged to find many ideas I had already put into practice without even realizing it! Hilary’s practical tips have made me consider the products I use on a daily basis and how they impact the health of my family.” – Heather, Amazon review

“This book opened my eyes to the reality that a healthier lifestyle is a journey and all I need to do is take one step at a time. I especially liked the ‘Things to Think About’ section at the end of each chapter. It helped me to intentionally think about the choices my family makes and the steps I can take to move my family to a healthier, more God honoring way of living.” – Amanda, Amazon review

“I loved the honesty and humility of this author as she shared her personal green journey. She gives practical ideas and resource sites for every facet of life (personal, family and home). It is an easy read and I was left completely motivated to begin to make green changes in my own life. Loved it!” – Sue, Amazon review

“It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that was full of useful information yet also easy and fun to read. It’s like you’re talking to a friend discussing how to be a mom and run a household with social consciousness.” – Neiva, Amazon review

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