Your clutter zaps your energy, your joy, and your peace of mind.

You’re drowning in the clutter scattered and piled all around your home. You feel like you need to come to the surface to take a gasp of air, but you’re surrounded by a sea of stuff in every room.

You need to step around messes in every single room.

Most of the surfaces in your home are covered with stuff.

You’ve started dreading when generous people give you gifts because you simply don’t have room for anything else.

And the worst thing is you have no idea when you can ever change your disaster of a home.

Person is covered by a pile of clothing clutter

Woman is surrounded by a pile of clutter

How do you even begin to make a dent?

You seriously have no idea if or when you can ever get around to digging yourself out of your messy life.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Imagine coming home and not having to step around piles of clutter.

Imagine not feeling guilty every weekend because you haven’t had time, energy, or desire to make a dent in the mess.

Imagine living in a home that stays tidy because everything unwanted and unnecessary is gone.

This kind of clutter-free life is completely possible. You just need a plan. And someone who has been there and can guide you through the process.

Woman is surrounded by clothes clutter

An exasperated woman is surrounded by clutter

Decision to Declutter will help

Decision to Declutter is the guide to walk you through decluttering your entire home, step by step, day by day.

As you commit to 12 weeks of Decision to Declutter, you’ll work your way through daily projects that will eliminate clutter in every space of your home.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to tackle first, Decision to Declutter will help you methodically work through your entire home. Once you experience success – and start enjoying tidy, decluttered rooms – right away, you’ll feel more and more motivated to keep going.

You already know you have a lot of clutter and a little bit of time to spend controlling it. Decision to Declutter is spread out over three months so you don’t have to worry about setting aside hours each day for work.

With quick, manageable daily tasks, you’ll work your way through your home room-by-room over three months and get rid of all that’s cluttering your life.

Week by week, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier as your clutter vanishes and peace is restored to your home. And after seeing the clutter-free rooms you’ve created, you’ll want to keep going to transform the rest of your home.

“I like the short bits of motivational things to do every day. I’m starting to finally see the perks of having less stuff, and having it organized. There’s no more nagging feeling that I can’t find things. … I wasn’t doubting you, but I didn’t think I could get all of my house decluttered. It feels like you’ve been holding my hand through the whole process.”
— Alison from Oklahoma

Who created Decision to Declutter?

Hilary Bernstein

Hilary Bernstein, a wife and mom with more than 20 years experience caring for her home and creating a haven, knows clutter can stand in the way of a peaceful home.

After dealing with her family’s clutter, she realized a simple, stress-free approach was all she needed to get her home under control and decluttered. After systematically breaking her process into easy-to-follow steps, Hilary created Decision to Declutter.

Hilary is committed to helping homemakers just like you manage your families and homes well by providing you everything you need for a peaceful haven. Decision to Declutter is a powerful, effective way to help you transform your hectic home into a peaceful haven!

Family sits together in a tidy home


What happens after I purchase Decision to Declutter?

1. You’ll promptly receive an e-mail welcoming you to the program. You’ll also  schedule your first 15-minute video coaching call with Hilary.

2. Once you meet with Hilary, she’ll create a personalized Decision to Declutter game plan that is tailored to your unique home and your unique clutter issues.

3. The Monday morning after your video consulting call, you’ll receive your first e-mail in the 12-week Decision to Declutter series that will help you declutter your home, step-by-step.

4. On Saturdays, you’ll receive a weekly decluttering inspiration.

5. Halfway through the program, you’ll meet with Hilary over a second video call to discuss your progress and what still needs work.

I have a LOT of clutter. Will Decision to Declutter help?

If you’re tired of dealing with clutter and truly want to make a difference in your home – and if you complete the tasks – Decision to Declutter will help you transform your messy home into a tidy place.

If you really struggle with motivation and could use some accountability in your decluttering efforts, you may want to choose a coached session of Decision to Declutter. You’ll receive the same e-mails as the self-guided program, but you’ll meet one-on-one with Hilary Bernstein via video calls every two weeks for added encouragement and accountability. For more details, click here.

Do I have to complete the work? And if so, when?

Decision to Declutter is meant to walk you through the process of decluttering your entire home. In order for you to notice a difference, you do have to complete the work. This is easiest by completing the manageable projects each and every day.

Can I really declutter my home in three months?

With the guidance of Decision to Declutter, you absolutely can declutter your home in three months.

Decision to Declutter sounds like just what I need. How much does it cost?

Decision to Declutter, includes three months of daily, instructional e-mails tailored to your own unique decluttering needs, as well as three 15-minute video consulting calls with Hilary Bernstein. This program costs $89.95.


Woman sits surrounded by a cluttered mess

Decluttered Home Guarantee

When you enroll in Decision to Declutter, you’ll get the Decluttered Home Guarantee, which means that if you try the program and are unhappy with the results in the first 30 days, you’ll get $50 back … no questions asked.

Three months from now, you’ll either enjoy looking around your tidy, decluttered home … or you’ll still be stuck tripping all over your cluttered mess. Which one will you choose?