How to Clean a Toilet

Wondering how to clean a toilet? Follow this simple cleaning process!

After a lot of cleaning discussions with friends, I think every homemaker either loves or hates cleaning toilets. There is no in between.

I don’t hate cleaning toilets – in fact, there are few other places in my home that I feel more satisfaction after cleaning. There’s something about seeing a disgustingly dirty toilet bowl and the scrubbing it until it shines.

I’ve tried a lot of different methods and products over the years – from cleaning toilet bowls with toxic sprays, to just using a Norwex EnviroCloth.

I’ve tried cleaning toilets with Kool-Aid (it works!), a can of Coca-Cola, and something as simple as a squirt of castile soap and sprinkle of baking soda.

Currently, I’ve reached a happy medium. The products I use are safe, which is a must in my home, and effective.

So how do I clean my toilets?

First of all, I start with the outside of my toilet.

For the entire outside (don’t miss the handle … and the base of the toilet where it meets the floor), spray the surface down with an all-purpose spray and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Next, I clean the toilet seat.

I spritz it with an all-purpose cleaning spray and then wipe it off.

Finally, I squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl.

I let it sit for five minutes, then scrub it out. Currently I’m using Method Toilet Bowl Cleaner that I ordered from Grove Collaborative, but have used Seventh Generation and Ecover in the past.

If the toilet bowl seems fairly clean – or if I’m cleaning it every day – I’ll use the baking soda/castile soap combination. I like to choose the peppermint liquid castile soap for a fresh, minty scent.
Wondering how to clean a toilet? Follow this simple cleaning process!

About toilet brushes …

I’ve upgraded my toilet brushes over the years. Right out of college, I chose the cheapest brush – and found that the plastic and wire brush rusted quickly. I upgraded to an all-plastic brush, and was content.

But a couple years ago I switched to Norwex’s Ergonomic Toilet Brush. Admittedly I was skeptical about the price – but if I can say that I love a toilet brush, I do love this toilet brush. It’s sturdy and has thick, rubbery bristles that do an amazing job cleaning. I plan on keeping this particular toilet brush for a long time.

The good news in cleaning a toilet is that wiping the toilet and scrubbing out the toilet bowl is a very quick processfive minutes at the most, if I’m really meticulous.

But really, swishing the toilet bowl and swiping it all clean is super quick. I like making a big difference quickly. If only every homemaking chore was so gratifying!

How about you … do you love or hate cleaning toilets? How do you clean a toilet?

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