7 Things to Add to Your Living Room to Create a Haven

If you want to make a haven in your living room, here are 7 things to include …

If you’re set on creating a haven, a great place to start is your living room – mainly because everyone who visits your home will most likely see this space.

Your living room is a perfect spot to welcome you, your family, and your guests. So why not make it inviting? Why not transform it into a place that makes you want to curl up and spend a lot of time there?

After calling a lot of places home – from dorm rooms to one-bedroom apartments to houses – I’ve had a chance to decorate a lot of living rooms. Most of them have ended up as cozy places that I loved to spend time in.

Two women visit in a comfortably furnished living room.

Comfortable living room with a couch, coffee table, and basket

So … my secrets to transforming your living room into a haven? Make sure you have seven different things:

1. Pillows

Every living room needs pillows, whether they’re on couches or chairs. They’re cozy for leaning on, stealing a quick nap, using to boost you forward if you happen to be short, or to plop on your lap.

One bonus with throw pillows is that they’re affordable enough that you can use them to decorate your room. Add a pop of color or funky design to create a one-of-a-kind space.

2. Throw blanket

I don’t think anything else in a living room can be as comfy as a blanket. Like pillows, you can choose the material, color and design of your blanket to display your personality in your living room.

Blankets, though, are wonderful for keeping you –or your guests – warm when you get chilly.

Here’s a helpful hint, though: wash your throw blankets routinely, so they look and smell fresh. There’s nothing quite as icky as a throw blanket that looks like it’s covered in dust or pet hair and hasn’t been used in years.

3. A place to sit

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you have a place to sit – both for you and someone else – in your living room. The comfier the better, but if you only have the space or the budget to have a couple of chairs, that’s fine.

In my smallest apartment, I only had enough room for a comfy chair and a tiny wicker loveseat. I rarely used the loveseat, but it still gave seating if absolutely necessary.

Comfortable living room is furnished with a blue couch, coffee table, lamp, and vase

4. A flat surface

Flat surfaces in your living room may look like a big ottoman, end tables, or a coffee table. Whatever you have room for, make sure you have somewhere to set a cup of coffee.

In my current living room, we only had a couch, chairs and floor lamps for several years. It never felt or looked quite right. When we added a coffee table, everything finally looked right. The table helped to define the space, and it’s been so much more convenient to set a book or drinking glass down when needed.

5. Lamps

Whether your living room has a ceiling light or not, using lamps will create a homey glow in the room. Use the soft glow of lamp light to help create the mood of a haven.

6. Photographs

Art is great, but photographs lend such a personalized touch to a room. Whether it’s loved ones or favorite places, pick a few photos to display. You’ll be reminded of memories, and you’ll also let guests in to a part of your life. (They can be great conversation starters!)

7. Reading materials

Like photographs, reading materials also can be a conversation starter with company. But if not many guests stop by, it’s still nice to keep the books you’re reading out – or if you get any magazines, you can sit and read them when you have time.

Lovely living room is filled with a blue couch, white chair and ottoman, and coffee table

Regardless of how many people visit your home, creating a haven in your living room can help you relax when you’re at home. Using these 7 common things, you can create an inviting, safe place to come home to after a long day.

What are some of your favorite things to add to your living room to create a haven?

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