Start Changing Your Home Today with a Homemaking Manifesto

Creating a homemaking manifesto is a powerful way to define and remind you what’s important in your home.

Feeling like you have no idea what you want to accomplish in your home?

Some families and organizations have mission statements to give direction and purpose. Others have goals to help keep them on track.

A manifesto is the same sort of declaration, except that it includes your opinions, intentions, and vision.

Creating a homemaking manifesto is a powerful way to define and remind you what's important in your home.

While you can make a manifesto to declare any kind of purpose in your life, family, or business, I’ve created a manifesto for homemaking.

My homemaking manifesto helps keep me on track, motivates me to keep creating a haven, and reminds me that my daily chores are so much more than a bunch of monotonous time sucks.

I believe:

  • A house can become a home, and a home can become a haven.
  • A home is a welcoming place where people are put at ease.
  • A haven will nurture the lives of everyone who lives there.
  • Home doesn’t have to be a fancy, expensive place. Comfort reigns and frugality is welcomed with open arms (and pocketbooks).
  • A home does NOT have to be perfect.
  • Homemaking should help bring joy to you and to those who live in and visit your home.
  • Joy-filled homemaking should be simple … not stressful.
  • Homemaking can be learned, practiced and polished. There are no failures when you attempt to create your home … just learning experiences.
  • Every Christian woman can transform her home into a haven.

I love:

  • Glorifying God in my home and with my homemaking.
  • Creating a haven that will bless me and my loved ones.

I am committed to:

  • Encouraging a focus on Christ in my home– and trying to live and love as He commanded.
  • Accepting my family members and friends in love and grace.
  • Tending to my home as much as my schedule allows.
  • Forgetting about perfect and enjoying life.
  • Creating a haven that will nurture all who live in my home.

Making your own manifesto

The great news is that a manifesto is easy to create … you just need to set aside a little time to think. 

I bet you already know most of the beliefs you’ll include in your manifesto. You just need to add words to those thoughts.

To create your own manifesto, think about (and make a list) of:

  • What you love
  • What you believe
  • What you’re committed to.

Once you’ve made your list, write it down and post it somewhere you’ll see often, like your refrigerator door. Then start working toward your homemaking beliefs and goals!

Creating a homemaking manifesto is a powerful way to define and remind you what's important in your home.

Once you’ve crafted your own homemaking manifesto, please share it below in the comments!

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One Comment

  1. Ok here’s my manifesto:
    — I believe my home can become a haven to me and to my husband.
    — I believe my homemaking skills can produce a place where we love to be, where we can welcome others to join us.
    — I love God and I ask Him to help me to do His will, to serve Him and my husband in all I do.
    — I am committed to investing whatever it takes to reach the goal of creating and maintaining a haven.

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