Finding Peace in Your Home

Wish you had peace in your home? It’s not as impossible as you may imagine.

Do you ever wish you had peace in your home?

  • Maybe you’re living in a home that’s filled with strife. Arguments, shouting, and insults fill the air.
  • Or maybe you’re living in a home that’s filled with fear because your neighborhood or living situation just isn’t safe.
  • Maybe your home is filled with discontent or sadness. Whenever you come home you’re reminded of what you don’t have or what’s been taken from you.

So many times in life, our homes or home life are far from ideal.

But ideal or not, you may not have a choice of moving or changing the situation.

It doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though. You can still find peace in your home.

If you’re looking for peace in your life, in general, the only way you’ll find it is through Jesus.

By taking the time to invite God into your home, you’ll be able to experience that He alone can give peace.

Wish you had peace in your home? It's not as impossible as you may imagine.

What does this look like?

I remember moving into my third apartment as a single woman – a Victorian century home. I loved the home’s character, but the ceilings were so high and the house was so old, that I was a little scared to be alone inside once it was dark out.

My first night there, I sat on my living room floor, surrounded by boxes that needed unpacked – and I prayed for the Lord to protect me in that home.

I also prayed that He would use that space to welcome and serve others, and that He might be glorified in that one-bedroom apartment.

You know what happened to my fear?

It vanished.

And the Lord answered my prayers during my two years there.

Ever since then, my family prays a similar prayer of protection, blessing and peace when we move into a new home.

And whenever we host a gathering, I pray for the Lord to use us – and our home – to bless others.

By praying as we enter and continue to use our home, we recognize that God is God.

We invite Him to be a part of our daily lives.

We can give thanks for the many ways He has blessed us.

And we acknowledge that the only way we can possibly bless others is through His power – not our own.
Wish you had peace in your home? It's not as impossible as you may imagine.

Pray for peace

When your family’s facing a tumultuous time or your home just doesn’t feel like a place of rest, pray. Invite the Lord to take over. Plead for Him to intervene in relationships. Pray for His healing.

When you’re afraid to live in your home or neighborhood, pray. Pray for safety and God’s protection. Pray that He would thwart any evil plans.

When you wish you could live anywhere else but your home and you feel so trapped, pray. Pour out your sadness and disappointment to the Lord. Ask Him to help you.

Then keep praying.

You can do something homey to remind you – simply light a candle and remember to pray. (Whenever I light a candle in my home, I pray for everyone living there to be at peace with each other.)

It’s never too late to start praying. If you pray for peace and keep asking God to be a part of what’s happening in your home, something amazing will eventually happen … You’ll find peace.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” – Isaiah 26:3

To read more about prayer, check out Stormie Omartian’s book, The Power of Praying.

Wish you had peace in your home? It's not as impossible as you may think.

How do you create peace in your home?

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  1. I love your website.. have just found it recently and this has been a blessing…thank you! I am on the other side of raising children. Mine are all grown,and have lives outside of our state. It is quite a juggle to spend time with them during the year~and it is a strange feeling to be an empty nester~~and now seemingly retired. My busy world has slowed down .
    I am a newly retired young lady of 60. The hospital I had worked at for so many years downsized and restructured, and I was one of the staff who was laid off. Now at 60, I am learning homemaking skills that I did not have as a very busy ,long 12 hours of working nurse while raising children….much too busy during all those years.
    Since this last March, I have had to learn to “listen ” to my Lord as to what He is teaching me, where He is leading in this new journey of homemaking. Praying for His will. I found that after anxiety and fear from loss of income, I am now starting to find and accept His peace. Thankfully, I keep finding wonderful sites such as yours, to help calm my fears of learning to be a homemaker. I LOVE homemaking, it is an art.
    Thank you for your lovely blog and website.. you have been a blessing !
    Patty from the Northwest~

    1. Your story warms my heart, Patty! I am so thankful you are blessed by this website, but even more thankful you’ve been able to discover the art and gift of homemaking!

  2. I too have recently found your website and it is a blessing. And I love the finding peace in your home. Today I am going to light a candle and ask God to give me peace. Thank you for your ministry. I look forward to seeing your name when I open my email. Thank you

  3. I love that you’ve taught your kids to pray over new homes each time you move. So many people don’t realize that you don’t know what kind of people were there before you and what kind of spiritual atmosphere they’ve left behind. It’s so important to ask Jesus to take control of the atmosphere of your new home right from the first day. Thanks so much for giving your readers this important advice! And by the way, I love everything you post! You’re full of sound advice and I appreciate reading it!

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